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Entry #1

Wait, I can actually write here? Cool.

2014-02-11 07:52:43 by DuoCore

So um... hi.


How can I appear like a human, and not just an account that pukes new music every now and then...


Maybe by posting things like this right here, eh?


Anyway, hello you all glorious people.


I'll be publishing a track or two this week! Hooray!


(you should now act like you'd be really excited to hear it the first time)


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2014-02-11 08:14:51

You don't seem like a puking account at all. For puking accounts don't call me glorious *flips hair* Welcome DuoCore!!


2014-02-11 11:24:44

\/ Ditto. I'm too tired right now to type something out. Oh, and yet here I am doing all this writing. By the time I'm done typing this will be LONGER than the one I copied.

Also, I am really excited to hear this!