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I like it. It's definitely a decent track indeed, but there's this one thing that's missing in the whole track and needs it so much.


Seriously, while everything else sounds great and pushes energy right into your face in a good manner, there's just not enough bass to support the whole thing. It's like missing the whole ground floor plan. Seriously, the whole low shelf is gone. This may probably be because of the track's semi-minimalist style, which fits for the purpose pretty well.

I'd still recommend taking an another look at it in your next track, mate.

There's also an another complaint I could think of: There's some odd volume levels going on in this track.
Try switching between something like 1:54 and 5:12, for an example. There's definitely something weird going on with the decisions how loud some specific instruments are, piano being the most obvious example.

But yeah, I don't have nothing much else to say. All I can do now is to snip it down to a simple sentence, telling you that it's a pretty good track indeed. I liked it.

I might as well add you to favs for more tracks in the future.

3,5 / 5

- DuoCore (ex Xtrullor)

Lockyn responds:

Hey man, thanks so much for your concise and honest feedback! I agree completely with your comments on the bass in this track. I actually didn't even notice really until you mentioned it and I checked the EQ on the master channel - holy crap you're right. Not intentional. Perhaps it would be better if I used proper headphones/speakers to mix instead of laptop speakers LOL. Anywho... I get what you're saying and I'll have to keep that in mind. Volume was another issue I had in arranging the track - I couldn't really get a feel of transitions, and I hope I managed to make it listenable anyways despite the huge volume changes. Thanks for stopping by man, really appreciate it and I'm glad you liked it! BTW. I did follow you and Alan on SC, but I guess I might as well follow here too? :D

We're an electronica two-guy duo called "DuoCore." We consist of two electronic music artists, named Alan Koops and Xtrullor. We're starting out small, but we still try our best to provide as enjoyable music as possible for everyone out there!

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